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2004-12-05  Sarah A. Hedges  Martinsville, Indiana  USA

Masha, your paintings are beautiful your color and composition amazing. I also am a colorist and truly enjoyed viewing your artwork!
keep up the good work.
2004-11-20  Fidalis Buehler  Mesa, AZ  USA

Hello Masha,

My Name is Fidalis Buehler. I often search the web for art work and I happened to find your site. I am truly moved by your work. Your composition, color, visual narrative, and symbols are brilliantly executed. For your age I would have to say this is truly extraordinary. More than anything your work has feeling. It moves me. I'll be looking for more of your work to come.

2004-10-11  Андрей  Киев  Украина

Предлагаю обменяться web-ссылками между нашими сайтами.
2004-09-30  helena    

masha, ti tak malenkaja chto bi risuvala kak kandinski, tebe ne nada ego smotrit u tebe "the spirit" 21. veka, eta vsjo! celov! govorim tebe kak ucitelj!
2004-09-21  Ксюша  Ковров  Россия

Твои рисунки мне очень понравились. Я тоже люблю рисовать.Я люблю фей и волшебство. Мне очень понравилась серия про Снежную королеву.
2004-06-18  Григорий  Москва  Россия

Классные информеры. И вообще все интересно.
2004-05-24  Vasyl

Hi Masha!
Beautiful pictures! It was fun see such a young artist on the net.
Keep on with the good work!
2004-05-24  John

You have wonderful and imaginative paintings! I hope that you continue to study art and paint as much as you can!
2004-05-19  Your pen-pal    

Hi Masha! It's your pen-pal, Kelsey. I haven't talked to you in a while, so I thought I would say hi. I'm sending you an email right now. So, hopefully you'll get it soon. You already know my email address, so I don't need to put it up here. Haha!

Hope to talk to you soon.

Your pen-pal

(I don't want to say my name.)
2004-03-28  Tory Woollcott  Deloraine, Tasmania  Australia

Masha, your work is beautiful so full of life and colour and detail. I hope your enthusiasm for art never tires. I am an artist too and so is my father and my grandfather. Its a lot of fun isn't it? May your imagination remain as fresh and vivid for you always. Best wishes from Australia
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