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2003-09-30  Cathy  Seattle  USA

I really enjoyed viewing your artwork. Your drawings are amazingly terrific and talented for your age.
2003-09-21  Marjorie Sunderman  Fairfield, California  USA

Bravo! Your paintings are beautiful.
2003-09-04  helen Blinston  Telford, Shropshire  UK

I have just opened your website. Your painting are gorgeous and charming. As an ex-art student myself I really think that you should stick with your art and make a career of it. Your use of colour is fantastic. Well done. I'd buy your work anytime. Good luck in the future
2003-06-27  Jordan  Atlanta  Georgia

I think your paintings are beautiful! You should illustrate children's books. If I were able to I would hire you in a second. You should be very proud of your special talent.
2003-06-17  Dania de Jonghe & David Moen  Los Angeles  United States

Dear Masha-My husband David and I are both artists and
we teach art to children. I came across your website
while looking for art websites for kids. We were blown
away. Your work is so beautiful and inventive. A total
pleasure to look at. Thank you so much. I will keep
checking back to see what you are doing.

All my best-Dania de Jonghe
2003-06-10  Nikolai    

2003-06-02  Blake  Hunter Valley  Australia

I am 6yrs old and really liked your paintings. I like painting and drawing very much and would like to paint as good as you one day!
2003-04-18  Женя  Петропавловск  Казахстан

Маша, увидел твои картины. Мне понравилось. Приеду - будешь рисовать мой портрет. Всем привет. целую.
2003-04-16  Екатерина Петровна  Москва  Россия

Здравствуй, Маша!
Помнишь еще свою учительницу по географии из школы 1055? :)
Хорошая у тебя страничка. И рисуешь ты очень красиво. Я, к сожалению, и не предполагала, что ты умеешь рисовать. Успехов тебе!
2003-03-31  Геннадий  Экибастуз  Казахстан

Молодец. У вас, девушка, определённо огромный потенциал.
Думаю, вам нужно переходить к пейзажам. Например: Зима в
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